Establishment Blues

“Public gets irate, but forgets the vote date”

In the world I grew up in I was sold the lie that society is free and fair, and that democracy is a system that promises justice. Instead, Democracy is the God that failed.

There’s a mistaken belief that change stems from the ballot box. Time and again this is proven false, yet we remain transfixed and salivate at the quadrennial pageantry of electioneering.

Societal change is borne out of the hearts and minds of individuals like Satoshi. People who build tools which enhance individual freedom.

“Politicians using, people they’re abusing, the mafia’s getting bigger, like pollution in the river, and you tell me that this is where it’s at”

Schools, corporations and government have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. These establishments hinder progress and innovation.

We hand over our freedom, power and independence to “father-like” officials and expect them to prosecute themselves for criminal behaviour. And you tell me this is where it’s at? I reject the establishment; Bitcoin rejects all authority.

“I opened the window to listen to the news, but all I heard was the Establishment’s Blues”

Impeachment hearings, public looting, nCoV, trade wars, war in Iran, climate panic… The 24-hour news circus never ends, and the miss-information is at an all time high. We have no one to trust except ourselves; even a mother’s love can be dollarized.

Bitcoiners embrace the credo, “Don’t trust, verify!”

“The system’s gonna fall soon, to an angry young tune”

Advancements in natural knowledge often requires the absolute rejection of authority. When existing systems lie and cheat we eventually lash out and create new ones.

Astronomy, electricity, automobiles, penicillin, bitcoin. Each of these advancements went against existing power structures, were ignored, rejected and ridiculed until ultimately achieving acceptance. Ingenuity, hard work and freedom are the ingredients for advancement. None of these are granted by authority, only suppressed.

History is a string of one revolution after another, man’s eternal struggle between order and freedom. Bitcoin is Satoshi’s angry young tune, an absolute rejection of traditional monetary authority. The system’s gonna fall soon.

“The little man gets shafted, sons and monies drafted, living by a timepiece, new war in the far east”

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, the little man gets shafted. Bitcoin is a system which only rewards honest work (see: Proof of Work) and the efficient use of energy to create value. Scarcity abhors malinvestment.

We have the opportunity to build equitable economies. Not to be confused with the superficial notion of equality espoused by the political establishment. Faux-socialists, UBI proponents and crony-capitalists – all must be rejected to hasten the fruition of humanity’s next great advancement.

Buy bitcoin, stack sats!

A note on the artist:

Needing an income to support his children, Rodriguez abandoned a failing music career in the early 70’s. Unknown to him a cult following developed in South Africa which eventually led to him being tracked down and resurrected some 30 years later. A prophetic songwriter who should be regarded amongst the likes of Dylan and Cohen.

His Establishment Blues prompted him to run for his local mayoral office on numerous occasions. He found no success in politics either. Another testament in the failure of democracy to promote empathetic leaders above the megalomaniacal narcissists we currently endure.

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