I Found A Reason

“I found a reason to keep singing, and the reason dear, is you”

When I look at the world it’s easy to feel down. As a cynical South African the depths of despair seem endless. Cheats, liars and incompetents enrich themselves beyond belief while whistleblowers and truth tellers rot in captivity. We each need to find a reason to believe in better days and I found mine.

“I do believe, if you don’t like things you leave, for someplace you’ve never gone before” 

The enabler of our real-life Gotham City is the monetary regime to which we are forcefully subjected. So I left for someplace I’d never been; Bitcoin. With Bitcoin I can store my wealth outside of the debt-fuelled central banking cartel. Sovereign wealth existing independently from the political shenanigans which I have grown to despise.

“I do believe, you are what you perceive, what comes is better than what came before”

Any economic system, free markets or otherwise, will only be as effective or good as the virtue of the people living it. Assuming virtue remains constant, economic and monetary systems can be compared in theory and empirically. Although much debate still rages, it is pretty clear to me that Bitcoin is the best economic system ever contrived. So ingenious that it even has the tendency to increase the virtue of the people living within it.

“And you better come, come come, come to me”

Assessing the current economic and political climate, I would not want my fortunes tied to legacy systems. Bitcoin is our [better] alternative; nobody can afford not to own some.

Gather those bitcoin & stack sats folks! 

A note on the artist:

As a teenager Lou Reed was subjected to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The treatment was prescribed by his psychologist and allowed by his parents, apparently to correct his “social awkwardness”. Reed overcame this parental betrayal and found a reason to become one the most provocative and influential rock and roll artists of all time.

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