“The Fierce Urgency of Now”

To those of you with whom I have discussed politics, economics, social activism, sports, history or basically any subject; you will know that I have a very Leftist view of the world – probably more Anarchist than Socialist. It is from this point-of-view that Bitcoin and its accompanying decentralised ledger – the Blockchain – piqued my interest. As someone who loathes top-down secretive organisations (under which most of the world is subjugated), from schooling to corporations to governments alike, Blockchain offers the chance to create a freer society. A society which is based on openness and sharing; where our economy invests on merit and utility; where the individual and the community both stand to profit. Bitcoin and more generally Blockchain are the mechanisms which will allow us to break free.

Bitcoin frees us from the global Ponzi scheme known as the US Dollar. It gives us the means to destroy the corrupt plutocracy which currently controls the world economy and is leading us down a path of ruin and environmental destruction.

Blockchain will be the foundation on which our private and public institutions will be built.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are reaching a critical tipping point – technologically, economically, environmentally and politically. We are at the edge of a major shift in consciousness as people begin to realise that democracy is not as real as we thought and that top-down imposition of legal, economic and political systems is failing us all – including those at the top.

The US elected a deranged demagogue, Europe is fractured to its breaking point, and the global economy is eating our environment and ultimately itself in the process. Every macro indicator points to imminent chaos in our traditional markets. Bitcoin will be one of humanity’s saviours when the crash hits. The time is most certainly NOW to invest.



Since I borrowed a my title from MLK jr I thought it only fair to include the link to his speech:  “I’ve been to the mountaintop.”

As an interesting sup-topic, many schools of thought believe that the overwhelming reason for King’s assassination was his advocacy for a Universal Basic Income. Threatening social convention was one thing but, threatening the hegemony of the economic elite was a step too far.


2 thoughts on ““The Fierce Urgency of Now”

  1. MJ Stephan & Erica Chenoweth 2008 “Nonviolent movements succeed twice as often as violent uprisings”, “as little as 3.5% of the population who are organised and disciplined, it is possible to bring down even the most rutheless totalitarian structures”.
    Cryptocurrency is the nonviolent revolution happening now.


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